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xSub Subwoofer

xSub Subwoofer


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A new addition to the Blue Aura portfolio of products, xSub is a compact, 45 watt subwoofer which has been designed to match our existing range of products both aesthetically and acoustically.


xSub can be used with any loudspeaker with sub-out and has the option to use wirelessly with other Blue Aura products.



Developed to enrich the TV and Music listening experience.  When connected to loudspeakers with sub out, xSub is a 45 watt compact, front firing subwoofer.


The 6.5" drive unit combined with Class D (DSP) amplification provides the extra depth of bass to complete your audio system.



Crossover Frequency can be adjusted to seamlessly integrate the xSub with your loudspeakers.  Phase adjustment and volume controls are supplied along with Auto Standby which shuts down xSub if no signal is received after 20 minutes.



xSub can easily be upgraded to work wirelessly with other Blue Aura products.  A USB socket is provided to enable a Blue Aura receiver to be connected allowing greater signal range and more flexible positioning options.

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